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Want to use VPN and Chromecast at the same time? Chromecast does not directly allow third-party use, and you need to make settings on your network to combine VPN with Chromecast. There are several solutions to make this work, and here we’ll look at some of the easiest ways to set up VPN with Chromecast and nel miglior VPN @

What is VPN and why should I use it?

The first thing we need to discuss is what exactly VPN is and the benefits of setting up a VPN with Chromecast. VPN is the abbreviation for virtual privénetwork. VPN is a way to encrypt your data traffic and hide your location. That means you stay anonymous online and no one can see where you came from. It’s an effective way to bypass blockades, and you get access to services and websites with geographical restrictions nord vpn free @ Portugal.

When you log on to the Internet it is usually possible to trace your IP address, that is, from where you surf the Internet. For example, Dutch users are not allowed to watch American Netflix, nor can you watch NRK if you are outside the Netherlands. When you use a VPN service, you can choose to browse from different locations around the world, which will “unlock blocked pages’.

VPN is also useful for those who are concerned about privacy. There is no possibility of your online activities being tracked when you use VPN, and you maintain complete anonymity. The benefits of setting up a VPN with Chromecast is that you are protected online and have full access to blocked web page’s – even if you choose to duplicate your phone’s screen on your television with Chromecast.

What problems can occur with Chromecast without a VPN?

Let’s say you use VPN on your phone and enjoy an American movie you found on Netflix. You’ll find that you want to use Chromecast to “throw” the movie on your phone onto the TV screen. You activate Chromecast and stare excitedly at the TV screen – but nothing happens. What went wrong?

You have to choose a wireless network when you launch Chromecast for the first time. Chromecast does not use the network your device is connected to. That is, even if you use VPN on your phone, Chromecast will not automatically use VPN – Chromecast uses your original wireless network.

That’s why the content is geographically blocked when you try to get the images on the TV. So that leads to the question: How do you set up a VPN with Chromecast? Let’s look at some of the simplest solutions.